Special Occasion With Best Mehandi Designs

Indian Mehandi Designs

Henna aka Mehandi is a naturally processed without any artificial ingredients or additives, coloring agent that is used for special occasions like marriage, friends marriage, family events, karwa chauth etc etc.  It is one of those things that is a standard part of a girls vanity and thus this one has to be used alongside that awesome new ethnic dress that you have just bought and the team here has brought awesome mehandi designs for you and your friends who can join you in this fest and enjoy.

The types of mehandi designs include the likes of Arabic mehandi designs, Indian mehandi designs, and Pakistani mehandi designs, others like artificial mehandi designs in various colors and glitter are the newer versions but are rarely used by elite women and typically used by bottom of the pyramid ladies.  Mehandi is a ceremonial special that every woman uses along with standard jewelry on the wrist or fingers.

The best method to draw designs on the palm and hand is Indian mehandi designs which are drawn with a superior design of animals, birds, objects, names etc.  The base is similar to the kind of designs you may see in carvings etc.  People typically use this base design with a lot of mix and match with arabic and pakistani mehandi designs like the ones with fingers fully coated with block chunks of mehandi around the finger tip covering the nails as a part of this. Here is my coverage on some designs that I love, for your perusal.

Indian Mehandi Designs

Pakistani Mehandi Designs are somewhat similar to their indian counterparts in terms of shapes, features and base design and virtually similar if you include a fingertip block chunk of mehandi paste and cover your beautiful manicured nails with this, Many girls use this as a rough base for casual functions of non wedding related stuff that dont require too much flashy mehandi designs.  Here is a collection that I absolutely loved.


Pakistani Mehandi Designs

Pakistani Mehandi Designs

The most simple, segregated and lovely are the Arabic Mehandi designs and are way more dark in color and denser in application and are designed with keeping only the tradition in mind that the skin is gift of god and should not be exposed to the outer world and thus are covering the most part of the hand, plam and fingers including nails.  Pics here.

Download Latest and Best Mehandi Designs Online

We regularly almost everyday reinvent our designs scouting for the best designs on instagram and pinterest and create a board specific for our readers who read and devour them on the designs and the best part is that it is made for mobile devices and thus you can just flick through and pinch zoom through Thousands of images for selecting that perfect design. The designs are perfect for brides to be, brides maids, moms, anniversaries, karwa chauth ladies etc.  Very Simple to Extremely complex are the designs that MehandiDesigns.org has put forward as a part of our catalog under one roof or a mobile-website as I should say.   Click on that one particular image that you like and swipe through the rest hundreds and stay awesome.

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Choosing the Correct Mehandi Design for Event

Traditional Events like Marriage, Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali etc.: Color should be way Darker and dense, Typically Elbow Length, Arabic or Pakistani Preferred

Non-Traditional, Generic, Casual Event : Light, Palm Max or Till Wrist, Indian Preferred

Significance Of Traditional Mehandi Designs

The tradition of a country is their epitome of love, respect and patriotism and thus the traditional types of mehandi designs are the worlds most loved and respected designs are are carried on gracefully by that particular country’s or sect’s women.  In India Henna is the symbol of purity and color or joy in the life of a girl or a woman and thus as purity also signifies the nature of a girl before marriage the design on an unwed girl in India does not have any resemblance to name or letters of their male companions.  Similarly in Middle East the henna acts as a cleansing agent and the color comes from the heat in the body thus the more the color the more heat is in that body resembling the intensity of love between the couple and thus henna is used as a cooling lotion on the body.

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Non Traditional Types of Mehandi Available

There are hundreds of designs and variants available because of the Technological advancement that include glitter mehandi, sparkle mehandi, cone mehandi, cup mehandi, do it yourself glitter and sparkle mehandi, tattoos that after affixing look exactly like mehandi, some mehandis come with the adhesive feature on top of the aroma and color so that you can just spray some glitter and sparkle on the top so that it shines when you are going at a well lite event and do not want to spend so much time in crafting that perfect design on your lovely hands.  Some other also include without aroma, wrist band Based (like in the picture below), Letter Based, Fix Design and Layout based (Just pick the letters of your love and stick it to your palm) etc.  Various types of Mehandi Images are Here:

Tattoo Based Mehandis

I love the various types of Mehandi Designs that I have studies for your gals out there, hope you have enjoyed it as much as I loved compiling these things, Please do let me know what all designs you want more to be included so that I can input those ones in this post and spread around the good word.  Cheers to all your fashionistas and do keep loving and liking mehandi designs and apply it on your lovely palms.

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